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Differences Between GTA Online and FiveM

Differences Between GTA Online and FiveM

In this article, we will be discussing the differences between the FiveM and GTA Online games. This is a modded version of the GTA V game client that is designed to emulate the experience of a single-player game. It has a number of features that GTA Online does not have, such as the ability to teleport anywhere in the world, spawn cars, and the ability to set your own spawn point. 

GTA Online, on the other hand, is a multiplayer-only game that has a number of different features that the single-player game does not have, such as the ability to team up with other players in to complete missions, the ability to purchase property, and the ability to create jobs. The differences between these games come down to what each game is designed to do. FiveM is designed to be a single-player experience that is as close to the single-player game as possible, while GTA Online is designed to be a multiplayer-only game that focuses on the multiplayer experience.

The best thing about FiveM is that it has a more realistic feel to it, while GTA Online offers a very cartoonish feel. In FiveM, you can be shot and killed, which can be an intense experience. The biggest difference is that you can't get in any vehicles while in FiveM, which leaves you to walk everywhere.

  • There are no player limits in FiveM whereas GTA Online has a limit of 30 players.
  • FiveM has no mission system and no campaign missions.
  • GTA Online has a time limit, which is not present in FiveM.
  • FiveM has a deathmatch mode.
  • In FiveM, players can respawn in all game modes, whereas GTA Online only allows respawning in the race game mode.
  • There is no voice chat in FiveM, whereas GTA Online has it.
  • FiveM does not have a system for player reputation. GTA Online does.
  • In FiveM, you can't create a character, but you can in GTA:O
  • You can't use your character from GTA:O in FiveM
  • FiveM has no weapons, apart from vehicle weapons.
  • You have to own a copy of GTA V to play FiveM
  • FiveM is free to play
  • GTA:O is not free to play
  • You can't buy vehicles in FiveM
  • You can't use cheats in FiveM

FiveM is an open-source software that allows gamers to play on a modded version of the popular online video game, Grand Theft Auto V. This modded game is made up of a multiplayer and single player game and has the same game content as the original GTA game, just with different skins and mods. The server is hosted by the users and they can customize the game to their liking. 

GTA Online is a single player game that requires a connection to the Internet and is played on a console. FiveM is an open source game server for players to play on a PC. Unlike GTA Online, FiveM is a multiplayer game that can be played without a connection to the Internet.

02 Jul 2021